Multilogues vs Monologues

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Multilogues vs Monologues

One of the most common mistakes that many businesses make when diving into Social Media is to treat their pages and platforms as a monologue tool.

What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?

“Social media optimisation” might sound like a strange concept, but you’re probably already implementing a number of SMO strategies without even realising.

Staying Relevant in the Online Age – Part Two

In part two of our series, industry commentators argue that agents need to focus on serving and engaging with their clients to stay relevant in the online age.

Staying Relevant in the Online Age - Part One

When potential clients can access a vast range of market information and property listings online, and even buy and sell their own properties via the Internet if they choose, how do agents highlight their value?

It’s More Than Just An Ad On A Portal

Real estate clients’ expectations of online marketing are continuing to grow, so it’s vital that we give them access to a wide range of advertising options, particularly on property portals.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Getting Noticed Online

With almost every real estate agent claiming to be the best and most experienced in their area, choosing one to work with can end up little more than a guessing game for buyers and sellers.

Post-Sale Communications: Customers for Life

You’ve done the deal - sold the house, signed the papers, collected the cash and shaken hands. So what’s next? Goodbye and thanks for coming?

AdWords Tips from Google

If you’re a fan of Google’s AdWords and you have one a half minutes to spare, you might want to check out this latest video that gives some handy tips for AdWords campaigns.

How to: Create a Buyer Register

An extensive customer database, built by encouraging potential buyers to register their details with you, is an excellent tool for three reasons:

They Came, They Saw, But Did They Act?

Your website’s looking great, so why isn’t it generating any leads? Perhaps it’s your “call to action” - the section of your website that prompts browsers to subscribe, follow, or contact you.


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